Young Kids Pediatrics, P.A.

John G. Young M.D.

COVID-19 Policy

as of April 2022…

COVID has dramatically decreased over the last month or more. We haven't had a positive COVID test in over 4 weeks. Because of this, we are no longer requiring patients to wear masks during visits, but feel free to do so if you still desire to take that step. Should the situation change, we may have to reconsider and will post any updates here.

We are handling the majority of sick visits in office now, but we still have the availability to handle visits virtually if you prefer that option. We will maintain thorough cleaning practices between patients in our exam rooms.

Thank you for your understanding over these past months as we have attempted to adjust as needed to the circumstances. I realize that it has made some things less convenient, etc., but I hope it hasn't been too much of a negative for our patients.

Phone Calls and Wait Times

April 2022

Phone call and wait times have slowly improved as COVID has dramatically decreased the last 4-5 weeks. As we move into warmer weather with less illness, things should continue to return more to "normal".

We continue to thank you for your patience since we still have days that are quite busy in the office and/or with phone calls. Let us know if you are encountering any problems having messages returned, etc.

You may have gotten some texts in March concerning our phone issues. We were changing out some equipment and switching providers, which never goes as easily as hoped. Things seem to be working smoothly along those lines now, but let us know if you encounter issues. Thank you.

Immunization Policy

I recommend and follow the current standard immunization schedule as laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I am no longer accepting new patients who elect not to immunize or who choose to significantly delay their child's immunizations.

We will accept and support the following:

- new patients who are behind on their immunizations and desire to become current

- families who desire to split up the vaccines to limit the number of shots given at one time by making extra trips in between check-ups to stay on schedule.

- skipping particular vaccine(s) for medical reasons such as an immunocompromised family member, etc.

"... All together, this is an awesome place with awesome people." Kaylee S.

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